Company history

The first beginnings of the Modri Val family company date back to 1990. The successful story of a family-owned business in the field of cleaning and maintenance was started by Tomi Vovčko, the father of the Modri Val company. Those were the times of developing entrepreneurship, yet no one could guarantee success.

A vision for a professional family-run cleaning and maintenance business, complete dedication to work and perseverance began writing the first pages of this successful story. Cleaning services for shops, business premises and other facilities were upgraded by the first shopping centers that introduced a turning point and at the same time an opportunity to develop cleaning and maintenance services that will follow new requirements and needs.

With the first shopping centers being introduced, the family company focused on developing cleaning and maintenance services that included new technologies and cleaners that were environment-friendly and human-friendly. By developing new approaches in the field of cleaning and maintenance, the company also focused its energy on developing relationships with employees. Genuine attitude and employee education are of utmost importance in the Modri Val family company.

Being aware of the fact that employees are the heart of the company, was the main lead of the father of the company, Tomi VOVČEK, and this view is preserved even to this day as the family business is run by the younger generation of the VOVČKO family.

The experience gained in the past, the pursuit of development and the awareness of the importance of forming a relationship with employees create the highest quality of work in the field of cleaning and maintenance, which is reflected in the long-term business cooperation with great results even to this day.

The present of the Modri Val company and its cleaning service is being the first family-owned cleaning and maintenance company in Slovenia, as well as being in Croatia since 2010 and in Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2012.

The desire to develop new, creative approaches has, in 2018, gave birth to a new service, MODRI VAL Academy, which provides education about cleaning services and installation of cleaning systems. However, the development of the MODRI VAL family company does not end here. In 2018, a personal home cleaning service called MODRI VAL Home was developed, which offers every individual the magic of house cleaning, following an own-developed concept of house cleaning.

The story of the Modri Val family company, a professional cleaning and maintenance business, continues successfully and is passed to the younger generations.

The wisdom of the older generation remains firmly rooted and gives a positive foothold to the younger generations, who, with their creativity and innovation, continue to successfully write the story of the first family company named MODRI VAL.




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