About us

The Modri val family company has been in the business of cleaning and maintenance of commercial and business facilities since 1990.

Years of experience, dedication to work and the development of new cleaning technologies are our values which we carefully nurture and develop and offer to our customers.

The Modri Val family company offers its quality cleaning and maintenance services in Slovenia, neighboring Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The presence of the Modri Val family company on the domestic and foreign market is a proof that we perform quality cleaning and maintenance services, which we continue to develop and improve.

We are aware that customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance, so we constantly monitor the performance of our cleaning and maintenance services, thereby providing a quality cleaning and maintenance service, along with compliance with the company's policy on performance quality and motivation of our employees when providing services.

The Modri Val family company passes its knowledge and quality to its employees, creating a positive work environment that encourages employees to follow the company's principles and perform quality cleaning and maintenance services.

Many years of business cooperation with the customers of Modri Val cleaning and maintenance services are a confirmation that our cleaning and maintenance services are not only high quality, but also professional, distinguished by genuine relationship with customers.




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